Frequently Asked Question​s

Just a few things to note when booking an appointment:


2. You may not have anyone accompany you to your appointment due to covid-19 restrictions. 

3. Please be well rested and be sure to eat before your appointment. (You may bring drinks and snacks.)

4. Please have a shower and exfoliate the area being tattooed prior to your appointment. 

5. Please be mindful of sun damage. We cannot tattoo you if the area is sunburned, peeling or you have had a recent sunburn.  Please give us adequate notice if your skin is damaged as we will need to reschedule your appointment, and not doing so will result in loss of deposit. **See Lateness, Cancellation and No-Show Page for more details.**

6. We operate as a private studio and therefore have no set hours. We ask that any visit to the shop be schedules as an appointment so that we aren't interrupting an artist and cutting into their client's time.

7. We are not offering piercing at this time.