Sunny Day

This bar is made with shea butter and glycerin soap. It is scented with grapefruit essential oil and blue slushy fragrance and coloured with mica. $3 

Wild Poppy

This bar is my personal favorite. Made with glycerin soap and scented with wild poppy fragrance oil. $3

Black Magic

This bar is made with glycerin soap and activated charcoal. Some of the benefits of activated charcoal include drawing out chemicals, poisons, dirt and bacteria in the skin. It can also be used to treat poisonous bites! This is a good bar to take on camping trips. Scented with fireplace embers fragrance oil. $4

Chai Coffee Bar

This bar is made with shea soap and is a great exfoliator. Known benefits of using coffee on the skin are: cellulite reduction and reduction of inflammation. Coffeecontains vitamin b-3 which helps reduce wrinkles and helps even out skin tones. This bar is scented only with coffee and chai tea. $4

Purple Cranberry 

This bar was the most fun to make. It contains both glycerin soap and shea soap. It is dusted with black sea salt and has the most beautiful cranberry fragrance. It is so apretty and  also glittery AF! $5


This bar is made with glycerin and goat's milk soap and is scented with berry fragrance oil. It is dusted with epsom salt for exfoliation. $3

Gemstone Soap

These beautiful gemstone soaps are glycerin based and fragranced with a candy scented oil. $4

Green Tea and Clay Bar

This bar is made with glycerin and goat's milk soap. The green clay helps with detoxifying the skin, calming skin irritation, controls oil production and deep cleans the pores. Green tea also helps control oily skin, reduces puffiness and redness and can help protect the skin for the sun. $4

Blue Slushy

This bar is made with glycerin and shea soap and smells delicious. It also contains glitter. $3

Gold Dust Woman

This beautiful gold bar is made with glycerin soap, gold glitter and frankincense. Benefits of frankincense  include healing the skin and preventing signs of aging. This additive also has astringent properties and can kill harmful bacteria. It is wonderful for mature skin! This bar is scented with African Musk fragrance oil. $3 

Orange Berry

This is my second favorite bar. It is made with glycerin and shea soap and contains lots of pink glitter. $4

Dragon's Blood

This bar looks like  tourquoise and was so much fun to make. It contains shea soap and black African soap as well as a small amount of glycerin soap. Black African soap contains plantain extract  which has antibacterial properties and may help treat acne breakouts. This soap is fragranced with dragon's blood oil. $5 

Please contact me with any questions you may have. -Liz