Bombshells Tattoo Bloody Mary Stickers

Pick up this hot item at the shop!! $6


This fine lookin' fella was originally painted on a skateboard deck and with some hocus pocus he was turned into a mug!!! $15

Please contact me (Liz) at the shop if you see something here that you would like to purchase​, or have questions about size or price.  I also do commissioned paintings, so if there is something you would like customized let me know!!

This piece is 6'x3'. I was in a Hallowe'eny mood and came up with this. It is also black light reactive. $900

This was inspired by someone very close to me having severe lung issues. The breast looking things are bees nests as lungs. 3'x4'. $800

I was in a super chill mood painting at the shop alone and wanted to create something with insane texture. The pictures don't do it justice. 2.5'x3.5'. $600

I was wanting to create something feminine and bold and came up with Bloody Mary. She is 6 feet tall and has soft, supple skin. The red river (or hot pink river in this case) is black light reactive. She is on the market. $900