Big Changes at the shop!

We have changed the way we book appointments at the shop! We are having everyone email their chosen artist directly. Our [email protected] address will still remain active and you can contact Liz through this email, and for general inquiries. Once an email is sent to this email you will get an auto reply with an artist directory and you will be able to find your artist’s email there.

A one  size fits all approach when booking was tricky for us as we all prefer to be scheduled in different ways and we want to ensure all clients’ and artists’ needs are met when booking.

As well, from now on we are going to operate the shop as strictly a private studio with no set days or hours. Each artist is on a different path in life and is available different hours, and it is much easier to set our own schedules and decide what fits best in our lives.

We will not have a receptionist to take deposits or answer the phone, so we are encouraging everyone to make arrangements directly with their chosen artist VIA email.

We are asking that all visits to the shop be scheduled so that there is someone to service you and we are not interrupting a booked session and cutting into a client’s time. 

We appreciate so much your interest in out art and we are so blessed to have such an amazing clientele. 

To find Liz, please email her at [email protected]

To find Vanessa, please email her at [email protected]

To find Kari, please email her at [email protected]

To find Genny, please email her at [email protected]



Hello everyone!! We wanted to give you guys some updates on the shop- Yes, it is true!! We have moved to 24 Pembroke St West,  in beautiful downtown Pembroke. We have a stunning new space and we are so excited for everyone to see it. 

At this time we are operating by appointment only, which means you are not permitted to pop in unless you are scheduled in the book.  Please contact us  via email @ [email protected] to set up an appointment.


We would like everyone to help us celebrate vanessa's one year anniversary at the studio!!!! YAYYYYY VANESSA!!!! She is currently taking on new clients and Projects.


Anyone Entering the shop must have a booked appointment so we keep our occupancy numbers in check. Everyone is required to wear a mask. we aren't allowing any visitors at this time, so please come alone. Upon entering, everyone must wash Their hands immediately and we will screen you and proceed with protocol. 



This was totally unexpected for us, but such  an amazing surprise!! We really appreciate all of you voting for us. Thanks for your loyalty and for keeping us  creatively inspired with all of your amazing tattoo and piercing needs:) 

~Liz, Kari and Julie 


My books are now closed! Thank you so much for bringing in your sweet ideas and giving me lots of cool sh*t to look forward to this summer!! I plan to re-open my schedule late summer and at that time get the fall and early winter booked. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!


Liz 's books are now open!!!!!

I am very excited to take on new projects and ideas and am really wanting to expand my portfolio by taking on larger, more extensive and custom pieces.  My schedule is open today,  Friday February 22nd and I will be focusing on booking JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST.   Please contact me via  our trusty email account ([email protected]) with all tattoo inquiries. 

Dropping by the shop is also a great way to get the ball rolling, check out our digs and chat about your new ideas!!

Bombshells Tattoo Bloody Mary Sticker

Liz has made her painting "Bloody Mary" into sticker form! Plaster this chick on your toolbox....or any other place you want her to be seen! $6

Bombshells Goat Mug

The Goat Mug is well stocked at the shop! This design was originally painted on a skateboard deck (By Liz) 


Our new merch is here!!!! We have hoodies (Comfy AF btw!!) and 3/4 length baseball tees in sizes from small to 2XL. Baseball tees are $35 and hoodies are $50. Yes we can ship!!! Contact us if you wish to place an order. 

Design done by Liz. Merch brought to you by Precision Textiles, located in Pembroke, On. 

We have new shop swag on the way!!!!

Liz has designed some new pullover hoodies and 3/4 length baseball TEES!!  Precision Textiles always does a killer job with our shop merch!!! Thanks guys!!!

We will update you when they are off the press!!